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21Vianet Blue Cloud Exec Speaks at DataCloud Asia 2017

The release date:2017-03-10

Cloud computing is a strategic priority for the Chinese government, it will drive the growth of data centers further.

Chinese Carriers Are “first line of defense” Against Cyber Attacks.

The release date:2016-12-15

21 Vianet BlueCloud president Wing-Dar Ker discussed the relationship between carriers and cloud service providers in China at Capacity Asia.

Chinese Cloud Computing Market Worth $20 Billion by 2020

The release date:2016-10-04

China is undoubtedly a complex market when it comes to cloud computing yet the sector, valued at about $1.5 billion in 2013.

21Vianet Blue Cloud's 3rd-year Anniversary

The release date:2016-07-27

21Vianet Blue Cloud is about to embrace its 3-year-old birthday on July 29th.