ITIL Standard

BlueCloud managed service achieves consistency management and forecast value by following ITIL. Standard.

ITIL. Standard

ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library

BlueCloud managed service achieves consistency management and forecast value by following ITIL. Standard.

Service Desk

 Blue cloud offers thorough service desk management standards and a professional service desk management system. To meet the customer needs in the aspects of problem complexity, impact, expectation, service catalogue, etc., we rationalize the levels of the service desk. At the same time, our mature staff training system ensures our staff can meet the customer demands in professional skills, communication, customer service and other requirements, and achieve continued growth in real work; meanwhile, our comprehensive self-evaluation and customer satisfaction survey mechanisms will ensure the delivery of efficient, high-quality and professional services.

Event Management  

Blue Cloud offers professional event management that proactively detects infrastructure, data center, application services, security incidents, and physical environment, etc., while prioritizing different types of event. We offer a thorough incident processing mechanism to effectively solve the problems that may lead to other incidents. Meanwhile, the automated incident management mechanism improves the platform efficiency and supports continued improvement of business processes.

Incident Management

Blue Cloud incident management is dedicated to restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible, minimizing business impact, and providing SLA-based, high-quality customer services. We offer a professional management system that prioritizes incidents while clearly defining the corresponding response mechanism according to the different urgency and impact levels. Our professional incident handling process ensures speedy responses and timely solutions, with unique processing, responding, functional and hierarchic escalation mechanisms to ensure quick resolutions of major issues.

Problem Management

Blue Cloud offers a professional problem management process which effectively prevents problems and recurring incidents, while reducing the number and resolution time of incident, improving the overall service availability. We offer a problem management mechanism that categorizes the problems and defines the corresponding processing levels; our well-developed problem review mechanism realizes continued improvement of the problem management system.


Change Management

 Our thorough change management mechanism ensures the integrity of change records, risk assessment and authorization based on the priority level; we also realize planned change testing, implementation, record and review to ensure the changes are controllable and compliant with relevant rules and regulations.

Security Management

We offer a professional security management mechanism to ensure that users are authorized with appropriate access; our well-developed security management system ensures the confidentiality, integrity, availability and compliance of organization’s data.

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