The Microsoft Power Platform operated by 21Vianet has celebrated its first anniversary of commercial use in the China market

The Microsoft Power Platform operated by 21Vianet has celebrated its first anniversary of commercial use in the China market.  Deeply rooted in the Microsoft Smart Cloud system, the Microsoft Power Platform operated by 21Vianet created an efficient product matrix for data interoperability through seamless connection with Microsoft Smart Cloud Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It provided a powerful enabling tool for enterprises’ “digital full value chain competition”, helped users to solve difficulties ranges from deployments, product iterations, to subsequent maintenance, thereby saving more deployment and development costs. Through the unique features of “low-code development”, the Microsoft Power Platform allowed front-line practitioners with no coding background to develop software, and solved business pain points, and accelerated the transition to the cloud.

“Each client’s needs are unique, which places high demands on the comprehensive capabilities of operation and maintenance engineers.” Said Tony, head of Microsoft Power Platform technical support at 21Vianet Blue Cloud, “Whenever a client encounters a bottleneck and need technical support services from us, we will go all out to help clients identify the problems, investigate all possible causes, and provide technical support. Each communication with clients helps us accumulate more experience and improve technical skills; every completion of a work order makes us more of an expert who understand clients’ own needs better than themselves.” Focusing on clients’ needs and constantly improving comprehensive capabilities to meet more customized needs, this is the charm of the Blue Cloud operation team.

Along with the successful commercial use of the Microsoft Power Platform in China in 2020, 21Vianet operation teams of the Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Dynamic 365 have also reached remarkable achievements:

-With the continuous expansion of Microsoft Azure in Chia, the 21Vianet Blue Cloud Azure technical support team has increased the number of work orders by 7% compared with last year, and customer satisfaction has increased to 95.38%;

-21Vianet’s Blue Cloud Office 365 technical support team went further on the basis of the high customer satisfaction rate of 96.66% in 2019, and achieved 97.56% customer satisfaction in 2020;

-What’s more commendable is that the business operation team of 21Vianet Blue Cloud has achieved “full marks” in customer satisfaction for several consecutive months, which is rare in the past 7 years of operation and has achieved a “historical” breakthrough.