21 Vianet Blue Cloud Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Win-Win Development of Digital Ecology

Beijing, March 17, 2022 The new Azure Region operated by 21Vianet Blue Cloud is launched officially, and intelligent cloud services including Azure Digital Twins, Azure Arc and Availability Zone are now available in China. Ushering in their ninth year of collaboration in China, leverage the enlarged capacity of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud portfolio in China, which includes Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, and its local partner’s high-quality compliance operation capability, Microsoft and 21Vianet Blue Cloud provide premium service for business customers in China to meet their ever-growing digital needs.

Johnny Liu, Senior Vice President of VENT GROUP and CEO of 21 Vianet Blue Cloud, said: “Since 2014, Microsoft has been collaborating with 21Vianet Blue Cloud to land Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform in China, setting an ideal example of compliantly landing and operating international public cloud in China, and providing a secure, trustworthy, efficient, intelligent and stable cloud experience for Chinese companies. The implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan will make digital economy, industrial digitization and digital industrialization in China even more flourishing. 21 Vianet Blue Cloud will further play its role in bridging international technologies with the China market and work even closer with Microsoft. Together, with Microsoft’s enlarged capacity of cloud datacenter and our quality localized compliance operation, we will empower digital transformation for Chinese companies, empower win-win cooperation in digital ecology, and empower ESG practice and a sustainable developed green future.”

Dr. Yang Hou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft Greater China Region, said: “China, as the vital engine to drive global economic recovery, has explicitly express its determination to make digital economy bigger, stronger and better. The emerging opportunities for traditional industry transformation, business digital innovation, and enterprises development in China, requires digital technology innovation. Over the past 30 years, Microsoft has witnessed the vigorous development of China’s IT industry and digital economy. Going forward, with Microsoft Intelligent Cloud at its core, Microsoft will continue to invest more in the China market and ecosystem, work with our partners to tap into technological potential, and help customers in a wide range of industries to achieve more in the era of digital economy.”

A partnership combined technology innovation and localized compliance operations

Thanks to Microsoft’s security technology and over 40 cloud security service, and 21Vianet Blue Cloud’s quality localized compliant operation, Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet Blue Cloud was the first international public cloud compliantly launched in China and has delivered secure and trustworthy cloud service to customers in the past 8 years.

With years of experience in compliance operation, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud has set standards for international cloud’s landing and operation in China, and developed a team of seasoned security and compliance experts, who have helped Microsoft Azure pass the DJCP Level 3 Evaluation, and ISO and SOC audits. Among hundreds of Blue Cloud’s operation and maintenance professionals, 72% are engineers, 21% have received international certification and 96% are able to provide bilingual operation and maintenance service for customers across the world. Their professional and efficient service has been well recognized by customers. In 2021, the team received zero complaint but over 20,000 positive comments.

Now the fifth Azure region is expected to effectively double the capacity of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud portfolio in China. The new region and newly launched Azure Digital Twins, Azure Arc and Availability Zone will reinforce Microsoft’s capabilities to lead technology innovation and localized compliance operation, stimulate cloud innovation and digital transformation, and deliver comprehensive, secure, trustworthy and efficient cloud service.

A partnership delivers win-win development of digital ecology

As the strategic partner of Microsoft, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud leverage its capability of delivering compliant business operation to proactively help customers and partners to explore opportunities in the China market, promote Microsoft’s global ecosystem and deliver mutual benefits.

In the automotive sector, aim to offer smart mobility solutions that power digital transformation for global car manufacturers, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud, as one of the first Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) partners in China, is developing innovative solutions based on Microsoft Azure, Azure IoT, and MCVP in areas of smart fleet management, auto insurance, new energy vehicle quality management, and electric vehicle charging solutions.

In the new retail sector, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud and Cegid, the French software platform giant in retail industry, announced that the Cegid China POD operated by 21 Vianet Blue Cloud has been successfully launched in China, setting a benchmark for international ISV cloud application landing in the retail industry in China. The business is now deployed on the Microsoft Azure, operated by 21 Vianet Blue Cloud. Within only six months of its deployment, it has forged partnership with 6-8 leading brands, including one of the world’s top luxury groups, a world-famous fashion brand/entry-level luxury brand, and a world-famous home appliance brand. In the future, thousands of stores will have access to this secure and convenient cloud service.

In the energy and manufacturing sector, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud has helped MAN China, a Germany-based leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, to upgrade its architecture, migrate and back up data to cloud. As a result, MAN China’s daily office applications such as email have been entrusted to Microsoft Office 365, operated by 21 Vianet Blue Cloud, laying significant foundation for MAN China’s future digital transformation. In addition, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud provided cloud-to-device operations and maintenance services for one of China’s energy giants, and was awarded the “2020-2021 Best Practice of Trusted Cloud Services in Energy Industry” by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT).

A partnership promotes low carbon, green and sustainable development

Currently, the international community has reached consensus on resolving climate change and embracing a green future. Cloud computing significantly improved efficiency and reduced the overall carbon footprint required for global computing. Microsoft is committed to providing sustainable cloud services globally through Azure. And as a company in new infrastructure and cloud industry, 21 Vianet Blue Cloud is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities by promoting sustainable ESG development.

Microsoft is a front-runner in technology innovation; Leverage VENT GROUP’s achievements in green data centers and carbon emission reduction and its own technology innovation including AIOps + intelligent O&M, 21Vianet Blue Cloud will continue to strengthen its partnership with Microsoft,  deepen ESG practices, move faster towards China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, boost the green and sustainable development of digital economy and promote the harmonious relationship of human and nature.

About 21Vianet Blue Cloud

21Vianet Blue Cloud is the one-stop operator of cloud services and strategic partner of Microsoft that operates Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform in China. We deliver world-class cloud operation in China with hundreds professionals offering comprehensive cloud computing services, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.