Humanify Driver Experience in China

21Vianet Blue Cloud helped the world’s leading driver experience solution – Humanify – launch its service in China in October 2016. Leveraging its experience of successfully landing international cloud in China, 21Vianet Blue Cloud reached the cooperation agreement with Humanify based on its deep understanding of China cloud application market and the practical demands for diversified communication between car marker and its customers in the context of “Internet of Thing”. This cooperation aims at optimizing the analysis of driver behavior in China is committed to providing car owners with superior customer service experience.

Wing-Dar Ker, the president of 21Vianet Blue Cloud, said: “In 2016, cloud computing market entered into a new period of deep application by various industries. As the first cloud service provider who landed international cloud services in China, 21Vianet Blue Cloud built three years of excellent operation experience for localized international cloud through managed service supported by more than 400 professionals. The advanced and comprehensive operation experience will continue to help global cloud service providers who have ambitions to develop their business in China. The cooperation with Humanify is a good example of the execution of CLIC (Cloud Landing In China) strategy.”

Humanify Operated by 21Vianet is committed to improving the relationship between car makers and their customers through products that can track customers’ driving behavior and then provide drivers with predictive customer services.

Humanify Operated by 21Vianet helps simplify “functionality” and “facility”, and thereby reduce communication efforts and avoid additional costs in order to maintain old customer service systems, redundant customer databases and cumbersome data structure.

Humanify Operated by 21Vianet provides enterprise users with the following functions:

• Convenient and scalable customer experience management and removed IT-dependency.

• Flexibilities offered by cross-platform and customized architecture.

• Accessibility by all types of end devices which enables rich user interaction.

• Mapping of premium resource and target audience through deep analysis of driver behavior.

The benefits of Humanify solution include:

• Provide data for research, analysis and training before product launch.

• Potential customer conversion.

• Consolidate customer relationship and develop long-term partnership.

• Prevent customer churn.

• Drive sales among potential customers.

In 2015, 21Vianet Blue Cloud introduced four global SaaS cloud applications into Chinese market, and this year, 21Vianet Blue Cloud launched CLIC strategy to help more overseas cloud service provider to land their business in China, which is adding more dynamics into Chinese cloud industry.