21Vianet Blue Cloud Launches GigaCloud Service in the Chinese Market

The Cloud-Based SaaS Application Provides End-Point Email and Document Security on Android/iOS Mobile Devices and Windows PCs Highly Cost Effective for Corporations and SMEs – Providing Anyone to Anyone Secure Collaboration.

BEIJING, China, Dec. 6th, 2016 – 21Vianet Blue Cloud announces the launch of GigaTrust Intelligent Rights Management cloud service “GigaCloud”, a cloud-based SaaS application to the Chinese market. Blue Cloud is the first domestic cloud service provider to launch Microsoft’s Azure and Office 365 in China. GigaCloud is Blue Cloud’s latest security product introduction, underscoring the company’s focus of establishing and perfecting China’s maturing cloud ecosystem.

GigaCloud services provides secure content protection, consumption and collaboration for any user of a PC, tablet or smart phone, including users of Microsoft Office 365. It is the first and only secure email and document protection, consumption and collaboration system in an easy to use and easy to deploy cloud service offering. It applies and enforces security permissions (or “rights”) down to the digital content (documents, emails, pictures) level, resulting in content being protected from misuse while in transit, at rest and most importantly “in use” even when opened by any permitted recipient. This protection persists for the content’s entire lifecycle. These protections, either manually or automatically applied, are granular and can be configured to inhibit printing, save as, copy/paste and prevents the forwarding of emails to non-authorized parties. It supports document protection and consumption on Windows PCs and Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. GigaCloud also offers a rich set of security, policy, compliance reporting and external collaboration features designed to meet enterprise document security requirements for both internal enterprise document security and with external cloud based file sync and sharing services. It is available as a multi-tenant service or in a secure private cloud configuration targeting enterprises requiring added security features and administrative control.

By strengthening IaaS and PaaS-level cloud services, Blue Cloud is introducing SaaS applications and tools to help customers establish cloud services in China more efficiently. Deployed on Microsoft’s Azure platform, operated by 21Vianet in China, GigaCloud service provides security, reliability and high availability. Private cloud configurations of GigaCloud can be hosted in a network suitable to its enterprise customer, including Azure and Azure stacks.

“GigaCloud services provide user friendly secure collaboration, anyone-to-anyone using a Windows PC, Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Corporations and SMBs can simply start using GigaCloud services immediately and avoid setting up complex and costly internal IT infrastructure. We are very excited to work with 21Vianet Blue Cloud to provide the GigaCloud solution to customers in China and to participate in the exponential growth of the China public and private cloud services market,” said Bob Bernardi, Chairman and CEO of GigaTrust.

“21Vianet Blue Cloud is dedicated to establishing and enriching the cloud computing ecosystem. Since last year, we have been introducing advanced global cloud applications and tools into China, infusing new vitality to the Chinese cloud computing market,” Wing-Dar Ker, President of 21Vianet Blue Cloud, said. “21Vianet Blue Cloud promotes the ‘CLIC’ (Cloud Landing in China) program to bring more world-class cloud services into China. The general availability of GigaCloud will provide Chinese customers a new SaaS application that is safe and efficient for mobile offices.”

GigaCloud offers document security features designed to facilitate secure collaboration between internal and external users in a corporation or SME. Key features of GigaCloud include:

• Document protection and consumption for Office docs, PDF, JPEG, multiple file types
• Email protection/consumption—Outlook, Exchange, Gmail and QQmail
• Android/iOS apps — protection, consumption, editing of Office docs, PDF, email
• Desktop client — Office docs, PDF — revocation, watermarks, automatic protection
• Centralized rules and policy creation and enforcement
• Data analytics — tracking, monitoring and compliance reporting
• Hardware Security Module integration for added enterprise security in private clouds
• External collaboration with supply chain partnership — anyone to anyone collaboration
• Multi-tenant and private cloud configurations