An innovation management service platform with customer-oriented realization of intelligent cloud management.
OpsNow is an intelligent cloud management platform developed by Bespin Global. With the support of machine learning technology, OpsNow delivers mobile phone alerts through integrated alarm and time management functions, upgrades management process through automated filtering technology, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

The intelligent robot collects, filters, and analyzes the event info during cloud operation and maintenance process and promptly reports to the staff in charge.

The robot enables specified leader in every step of the event processing; no hassles over delayed repsonse caused by an offline status.

The operation and maintenance process is visualized, automated and standardized based on the perfected funtions of accident tracing and service request, with the response speed limited to second level.

More conventional problems will be solved by robots instead of engineers in the foreseeable future, which will greatly improve the efficiency and stability during the workflow.

Product Features

Advanced Dashboard

• Multiple integrated dashboard services, including status, view, and analysis

Parallel Analysis Trend Chart

• Yearly, monthly and daily resource trend charts: trend analysis service
• Threshold-based charts: unusual costs and resource utilization status

Intelligent Search

• Search criteria based on the customer’s use of resources and resource structure: favorites, viewing frequency and most recent searches

Report Automation

• Basic report template
• Create reports based on user-generated reports, automatically and regularly

Cost Optimization

• Configuration analysis for all resources
• Cost optimization services

Service Group

• Deploy hybrid cloud resources based on the operation & maintenance services and departments of customers
• Usage and cost query services


• Cloud supplier panel / portal query services
• Customized services: view summary, structure chart, calendar, and automatic scheduling

Monitoring / Accident Management

• Provide integrated incident reports for OpsNow
• Support Slack&Chat Bot

Product Advantages

Support Hybrid / Multi-cloud

– Realize hybrid / multi-cloud resource management through a unified dashboard, reflecting resource usage, performance cycle model and management insights

Integrated Multi-account

– Identify all resource usage and performance of Multi-Account through asset management and billing information
– Utilize service groups and views to group resources across multiple accounts

Relationship Diagram

– EC2, VPC, VM
– Manage hybrid/multi-cloud resources through a unified dashboard
– Enable setup of governance and framework search if a source diagram is selected

Multidimensional Service Group

– Support hybrid/multi-cloud resource allocation among resource groups with multiple standards
– Support level management and check resource status and cost by service group


– Analyze cost by supplier according to account/service group/region/tag
– Integrate bills through multiple accounts and detailed billing data analysis
– Customize reports by product/region/tag

Billing Analysis + Report Subscription 

– Base resource usage and cost on searchable and analyzable relationships
– Regularly display usage status and original price of the product
– Enable sharing and subscription to detailed data and reports

Billing Dashboard

– Analyze cost through bills from the suppliers based on account / service group / region / tag, providing billing analysis
– Provide a unified bill that includes multiple accounts and detailed billing data information analysis
– Enable report custom functionality by product/region/tag

Integrate diverse third-party products

and conduct error management
– Provide diverse monitoring solutions that support hybrid/multi-cloud environment
– Shorten the time for response by supporting search functionality and managing service problems or alarm process records

Operation Management

– Provide cloud service problem tracking and operation management, which can be operated automatically
– Enable each user to log in to a new problem, manage its progress or monitor the progress of a project / team problem

Service Request

– Record all service requests in the project and provide fast and step-by-step processing
– Respond quickly and by steps to all service requests after each user record
– Allow users to specify the individual in charge beforehand and create problem description for each request



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