Cloud Landing In China

ONE-STOP services to help global and local companies land and grow cloud business successfully in China.

Cloud Landing In China

21Vianet Blue Cloud introduces Cloud Landing in China (CLIC) program to help global and local companies land and grow cloud business in China.

CLIC program provides end-to-end services including compliance and risk management services, business operation services, go-to-market services, resell and distribution services, managed services as well as customer support services across the entire customer engagement lifecycle.

Why Choose CLIC

10 years of international standard operation experience
Provide international standard cloud landing services, rich experience in compliance operation.
Your trusted partner
Help enterprise achieve business growth with many customers success cases.
High customer satisfaction
Maintain 98% high customer satisfaction for many years.
Shorten time-to-market
Professional legal and compliance team with rich experience and complete operational process help customers land their cloud service efficiently in China.
Cost saving for higher profit
Provide efficient business operation, pre and post-sales customer support services to empower customer success.
Help customers expand channels
Make full use of local resources to help customers expand channels, enter markets quickly, achieve business growth, and create best practices.

CLIC offerings

Compliance and Risk Management Services

Professional compliance and risk management consulting services to ensure cloud landing

Business Operation Services

Contract-based life cycle management and financial management

Go to Market Services

Help partners improve their branding and marketing awareness in China market.

Resell and Distribution Services

Channel expansion for a broader market

Managed Services

Covering both the application platform and underneath infrastructure which is either on the public cloud or in the colocation data center.

Customer Support Services

Customer service and pre- and after-sales technological support

CLIC Service Range

Resell and Distribution Services

As the dealer and distributor of our global partners, 21Vianet Blue Cloud, with complete channels and rich resources, can help our partners attract more attention in China. In the meantime, 21Vianet Blue Cloud acts as either a reseller or a distributor for our global partners in the CLIC program to help them reach more customers in China via Blue Cloud’s well established channel resources and customer base. We also help our channel partners understand and promote the cloud solutions they sell.

Case Study

Operated by 21Vianet Blue Cloud, the Cegid China POD has successfully landed in the Chinese market and obtained DJCP Multi-Level Protection Scheme (MLPS) Level III certification issued by the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China. The success has set a benchmark for international ISV cloud application solution landing in the Chinese market and will further promote the cloud and digital transformation of the Chinese boutique retail industry to accelerate the dual circulation development pattern. Currently, the platform has been deployed on Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet Blue Cloud.

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