An authoritative application performance monitoring platform in China where we can help you to reduce user loss improve user experience increase business transformation.

TingYun is the domestic leading application performance management (APM) solution supplier. Tingyun owns TingYun App, TingYun Network, TingYun Server, TingYun Sys and TingYun Browser as 5 major product-lines. From mobile client to server-side and then network layer, TingYun helps customers to monitor and locate crash, error, poor code quality, slow interaction, failure of third-party API calling, network environment problem and other complicated performance issues in all aspects (as observed and calculated, there’re over 107,000,000 types of mixed performance problem groups in total).

TingYun App

Understands the real-time performance of your app.

TingYun Server

A private doctor of server-side application.

TingYun Network

Tingyun Network Helps you to realize network monitoring, deployment and optimization.

TingYun Browser

Know the real user experience of your website in real time.


Enterprise Value

User experience promotion

Promote user satisfaction, retention rate, and brand loyalty


Abnormal detection, smart alarm, root cause analysis, industry big data

Management innovation

Continuous integration and continuous delivery, DevOps, monitoring integration

Complex system architecture mastery

Multi-language, microservices, container, automatic topology, end-to-end tracing

Business performance insight

Business performance, flow analysis, operation analysis and dependency discovery and tracing

IT transformation promotion

Instead of focusing on technical functions, Tingyun helps IT department focusing on business performance and transfer from cost center to business center, from supporting role to competitive advantage


Improve user experience

Optimize user experience through monitoring of the breakdown,error and buffering during the use.

Highly available application

Quick positioning of code performance problems.


Optimization of complicated network performance

Simulation of user experience, monitoring of third-party services, and the CDN acceleration effect.

Thousands of customers are using TingYun

Financial industry
Operators and cloud services
Travel and booking
Travel and transportation
Technology manufacturing industry
Communities and services


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