Audit base on real-time records and user log
An all-round solution to keep your enterprise data secure
Through real-time recording and big data, SkyAudit helps enterprises detect improper behaviors of employees, send warnings preemptively and prevent security incidents. Under the principle of individual privacy, SkyAudit aims to make the internal network and staff activities safer, faster and more controllable.

Audit PC

SkyAudit provides IT solutions to a wide range of Windows operations,from starting to log-in, printing and computer shutdown, etc. It records,analyzes and audits the related activities on each device, making internal data visible, searchable and traceable.

Safe Audit Solution



A valuable system where corporate auditors and administrators can access logs and data, analyze user behaviors using big data,and preclude security threats.


A deterrent against potential violations of company regulations, which identifies suspicious activities, protects info while reducing losses.



Strong evidence to help investigate existing irregularities, info leaks and non-work-related behaviors, avoiding legal disputes.

Product Functions (Types of log access)





Memory Device


Interactive Window




Copy core resources via USB

Review USB usage on Memory Device Log

Transfer confidential docs via Mail, QQ, Lync, etc.

Search keywords on file log

Print confidential docs

Record filenames, volumes and dates

Leak info by QQ screenshots or copies

Review copied images on Clipboard Log

Install and use software such as games, QQ & MSN

Check terminals on Application Log

Manage personal issues during work time

Review user history on Screen Log

Visit non-permitted sites

Check status, obtain screenshots on Webpage Log

Have early leaves or late arrivals

Gain comprehensive access to user activities on System & Settings Log



Tackle high-risk users in time

The SkyAudit report center provides rich, illustrative reports of various styles and contents, which can effectively display a large amount of data and help understand the computer usage and evaluate workers’ performance.

File Log

Solve the risk of inadvertent information disclosure by users

File log records all the operations and processes conducted on a shared network location to help identify the paths of the lost files.


Clipboard Log

Solve info leaks caused by copying and screenshots

  • Record copied filenames, texts, and images
  • View copied images, including QQ and other snipping tools, PrScn screenshots.
  • Record user name list of files copied from the server.

Screen Log

Improve work efficiency of employees

The screen video audit can record users’ desktops completely according to the conditions of time, applications and active windows, play user’s history to help enterprises improve their performance.


Webpage Log

Standardize employee behaviors

The web log records which websites the user has visited, including the URL, contents and the host, etc. User behaviors are audited even after leaving the company’s network environment.

Active Window/Application Log

Check the usage of PC software

Active window log records the titles of the used applications, which can be accessed via keyword search, including games, chatting and illegal software. Application log can check the user software (process), helping businesses evaluate and recycle rarely used, charged software.


Memory Device Log

Tackle disclosures caused by copying data

Memory device log tracks usage of various types of USB devices, such as personal e-bank and 3G dial-up, etc. When a PC leak occurs, confirm USB usage with the help of file log.

Printer Log

Solve data leaks caused by external printing

The printing operation log identifies and records the current user’s login account, computer name, IP address, and printer name, and keeps track of names of the printed document and number of prints.

System & Settings Log

Record operations by employees

The system log records a range of operations, such as switch-on, login, screen lock &unlock and log off, etc. It also records the current user following changes on the customer end, tracking client ID, time of change and device name, etc.

User Behavior Management

SkyAudit draws on big data to analyze irregular user behaviors, highlighting and giving users warnings to help employees abide by the company regulations consciously.

Console Management

The user-friendly web management console can access and operate on PC by group, department and IP address anytime and anywhere; the structured authorization system not only satisfies the security requirements of ISO27001, but standardizes the management as well.

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