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Hangzhou Shengxun Technology is an artificial intelligence company specializing in natural language processing. Our products Listen Robot is widely used in thousands of companies in more than 200 industries, including banking, insurance, finance, real estate, communications, education and etc. Thanks to Listen Robot’s professional performance in cost reducing and market filtering, we enjoy good reputation among clients. By providing efficient and intelligent calling service, we have created billions of values for partners.

Product functions

Live voice group call

With one click, Listen robot will make a group call to the target customer with a live voice.

Screening classification

After making a group call in multiple lines, bot will screen out the intended customers and store them in the system according to the ABCD classification.

Dialogue recording

The whole conversation between bot and customer will be recorded and stored, No worries for customer intention misunderstanding or confusion.

Data import and export

Users can batch upload according to industry, address and other attributes as well as batch export.

public and private seas

A fair and conscious sales platform for enterprises to avoid order conflicts.

Product advantages

Low cost management

There are no facility fees, training fees, welfare insurance fees, recruitment fees for bot,while it can finish 3 times workload more than human labor daily.

Standardized execution

Listen Robot has the emotion, voice interaction and customer classification skills as you want.

High efficiency filtration

Listen Robot is able to handle every conversation and provoke customer intention to complete quantitative indicators.

Full process record

By recording every dialogue as a whole, Listen Robot automatically manages statistics analyzing and customer markup.

Operation scenarios

Operation scenarios

Home data analysis

The homepage of Listen Robot clearly displays the total number of calls, answer rate, call duration, and the intention classification. The results can be clearly seen at a glance so that users can adjust the dialing strategy according to the data.

Call period statistics

Listen robot accurately count the amount of calls and answer rate at different times throughout the day. Users can choosestatistics today, yesterday, the last 7 days and the last 30 days. The line chart can help users decide the best time to call.

Private sea management

The user can check records according to phone number, call duration and customer classification. Click the call record to see the full record of man-machine dialogue in voice and in words.

Call time management

Users can customize Listen robot’s office time. To avoid harassment complaints to the maximum extent, it is advised that the robot start to work no earlier than 8am and later than 8pm.


Financial Services

artificial collection/P2P finance/telemarketing insurance/fund and securities

Call Out

real estate/product promotion/law service/conference invitation

Customer Service Center

complaint-dealing center/customer service/4S shop/after-sale Service

Internet Service

advertising/ brand promotion/telephone notification/customer survey

Administrative Services

telephone consultation/industrial and commercial complaints/appointment service/user inquiry

Technical Advisory
Contact Sales