InfoCore Streamer

Integral product for business recovery and continuity
Streamer is a product that protects the applications and business from outage in the underlying components. Streamer is a cost effective, simple and reliable product to maintain business continuity.

Powered by its built-in CDP engine, Streamer automatically captures point-in-time data and achieves continuous data protection with no dependency on host software and no consumption on host resources. Despite our customer’s best efforts to have bulletproof systems, we must recognize that hardware failure, application outage and loss of data happen, sometimes more often than we anticipated. Streamer is designed with this reality in mind. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your business and data are continuously protected at a relatively low cost against any unexpected events.

Product features

InfoCore Streamer
All-encompassing protection

Streamer takes an all-encompassing approach to protect business applications, databases, operating systems and file systems. It empowers the business to deal with any type of unexpected system crash caused by hardware failures, human errors, or natural disasters, and quickly restores business to be completely operational.

InfoCore Streamer
Virtual machine backup

Based on VMware CBT (Changed Block Tracking), Streamer performs incremental backup for VMware virtual machines. If a virtual machine fails, Streamer can restore the virtual machine to a moment in history, thus keep the business running.

Emergency take-over

In the event of a disaster or planned/unplanned outage, the emergency virtual host can take over the workloads within 3 minutes to keep business functions running without long interruption. Just as important, Streamer takes care of updating the main host with the changes that transpired at the emergency virtual host to get the main host back online properly with no gaps.

Flexible recovery

With multiple recovery mechanisms like P2P and P2V, Streamer not only reduces the recovery time by 99%, but also supports the same operations legacy customers have been used to.

Remote disaster tolerance

Streamer copies data to disaster recovery data center, so as to implement remote disaster recovery based on IP. When faced with fire hazard, earthquake, or any disasters resulting in a destroyed data center, the data in disaster recovery data center will not be affected, and therefore keep the data safe.

Product advantage

Real-time mirror protection without backup Windows

This feature makes online backup solutions completely different from traditional backup technology, and the disadvantages of long backup Windows and daily backup will no longer exist.

Backup data is immediately available

The data image obtained by online backup technology is not a special backup format, but the original data format. Therefore, data recovery will be immediately available without any data conversion, resulting in instant recovery, which is a big leap in recovery technology.

Multiple snapshots, finding historical data in less than 1 minute

Online backup protection technology can protect the latest data in the event of a disaster, as well as restore the original data when the historical data is lost. Since the data is automatically saved at multiple points in time, one can easily get the correct historical data in one minute even if the data was lost several days ago.

Advanced thin bandwidth replication technology ensures Remote Disaster Recovery

Self-developed replication technology can realize continuous data transmission in a narrow bandwidth environment. Unique sector-based detection and transmission can greatly save bandwidth. In the process of replication, the consistency of data is ensured, and the disaster recovery center can instantly open the database or start the application.

Implement flexible and convenient real-time backup mechanism, simple management

Flexible and centralized management to the real-time backup system, with easy to use operation interface, event warning, and work flow management, and so on, simplifying complex data protection work, avoiding human error, and reducing maintenance personnel’s workload.

Application scenarios

!Data loss

Loss of data or tables in databases, corrupted files, or mistakenly deleted files

Data recovery within 3 mins

With online snapshot, all point-in-time data are readily available. With the push of a button, data restoration happens immediately.

!System break-down

Application crash and unable to restart / Virus or Malware damage

System recovery within 10 mins

With the help of P2P emergency recovery feature, a known good point-in-time snapshot can be mirrored to the problematic server, reboot using SANBoot to restore the system, database and application.

!Hardware failure

Disk failure
failure on server

Emergency Systems take over in 5 mins

A known good point-in-time snapshot can be mirrored to an emergency virtual server (P2V) or a brand new server (P2P) to take over workloads to avoid business interruption.

!Site-level disaster

Fire hazard, earthquake, or any disasters resulting in data center destroyed

Disaster recovery

Data in disaster tolerance data center will not be affected by disaster, thus, by the method of P2P, P2V, etc., business can be restored fast.

Application host support

OS Version
Windows (MSCS Cluster) Server 2003/Server 2008/Server 2012/Server 2016
Linux Redhat Enterprise 5.x 32/64bit
Redhat Enterprise 6.x/7.x 64bit
CentOS 5.x 32/64bit
CentOS 6.x/7.x 64bit
SUSE Linux Enterprise 10/11 64bit
vSphere 5.1/5.5/6.0/6.5


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