HoloLogic Remote Assist

Experience the Cloud with more options and effective control

HoloLogic remote expert assist solution is based on the remote expert assist platform, combined with MR glasses, with mixed reality technology such as holographic module technology, spatial positioning, image recognition technology, cloud computing technology, etc. We establish a new holographic remote support platform SaaS (Software as a Service) to help technical experts to assist remotely and yet feel like on site. Through multi-platform and multi-terminal, the expert connects and communicates with field personnel anytime anywhere through first-person perspective, voice recognition, real-time annotation, screen capture, file sharing, etc.

HoloLogic mixed reality remote expert platform consists of three main components

On-site Module

This is the main MR rendering module. Provides virtual imaging of the display object by blending real-world spatial awareness and 3D rendering capabilities. The audio and video information of the scene is obtained through the front camera and the microphone.

Backend Expert Module

This is the main backend support module. The expert application based on Windows/iOS/Android platform can communicate with the front-end MR glasses, provide information sharing of text and pictures, and provide 2D/3D coordinate indication (requires hardware support) by means of space marking.

Cloud management platform

Provides account management, message docking between devices, and communication of audio and video information through the cloud management platform.

HoloLogic’s advantages to customers:


Connected experts for guidance in the first time with no time or space limitation, provide correct information regarding to repair maintenance or replacing part;


Field person liberate their hands to solve problem while gain assistance through MR glasses. Experts provide accurate guidance from the first-person perspective to understand the situation without being there;

Reduced costs

Experts do not need to travel or pay a visit to on-site counseling;Issue could be solved instantly and avoid further damage or cost.

Supporting Environment


Microsoft HoloLens/ActionOne/ActionOne Pro


Jingteng Remote Asist Solution:Jintteng Official Website / Windows(Windows Store), iOS (Apple Store), Android (Android )




Especially applicable to scenario with high flexibility, uncertainty, and urgency.