A domestically leading third party electronic contract platform
As a domestically leading third party electronic contract platform, Fadada (www.fadada.com) mainly provides electronic contract, electronic file signing and evidence keeping services for finance, insurance, third party payment, tourism, real estate, automobile, medical, logistics, supply chain, B2B, B2C online trading platform, human resource management and other industries as well as government agencies, and meanwhile integrates and provides such value-added services as judicial appraisal and lawyer services. It has passed the ISO27001 safety certification and been insured by the ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. For its characteristics of compliance, security and compliance, now Fadada’s products and services have been adopted by many famous platforms and companies.

Product Functions

Contract Signing

Provide multi-party signing, signing reminding, annex adding and other functions, confirm the real identity of the signing subject with effective technology so as to prevent file tampering, and precisely record the signing time.

Contract Management

Contract filing and inquiry, contract search with key words, online saving of massive contracts, precise and quick search of required contracts.

Online Emitting

Collect massive contract templates from human resource, business travel, finance and other industries, so that the users can download them for free, generate special business contracts for their enterprise without paying any money, edit, sign and transmit the contracts online, save worries and efforts.

Evidence Keeping for Block Chain

Establish the “law chain” together with Microsoft (China) and Onchain, and provide evidence keeping and issuing services for the clients on electronic contracts.

Evidence Issuing Report

Provide such key information as the signing subject, certification information and signing process in the evidence chain, so as to prove the files that the users sign on the Fadada platform are not tampered, so as to effectively prevent repudiation.

Judicial Appraisal

Once any disputes are arising over the file that a certified user signs on the Fadada platform, the file can be transferred to the judicial appraisal center, the judicial appraisal center will assist in issuing a certificate, and it will also issue a judicial appraisal result, so as to protect the user’s legal rights and interests.

Application for Arbitration

Connect to the online arbitration system of Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, so that the users can submit arbitration application online, pack the evidence on the platform by clicking one key, so as to greatly shorten the legal right safeguarding cycle, reduce the legal right safeguarding cost, and resolve the disputes online quickly.

Product Advantages

Multi-platform Deployment Modes

Support SaaS, open API, multi-language SDK, private deployment, hybrid cloud deployment and other modes, so as to adapt to the application needs of different enterprises.

Multi-entry Signing Channels

Support product use and operation via many entries, e.g. the computer web end, the mobile web end, mobile APP, H5, APP, mini programs, Cloud-Hub, Ding Talk, Office365, etc., so as to meet the contract signing needs from large and medium corporate clients to small and micro clients as well as clients at the client end in different scenes.

Ultimate, High-efficiency and Stable Signing Experience

Second-level response, more than 10 Million contracts signed every day, and the usability is above 99.99%.

Full-lifecycle Service Support

Manage the full contract lifecycle (filing, saving, statistics, reminding and tracking) of the signed files via the contract file management system, avoid the potential contract management risks, meanwhile integrate and provide judicial appraisal, lawyer services and other value-added services.

High-recognition Legal Validity

The product design strictly abides by the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Electronic Signature, the Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Litigation Laws of the People’s Republic of China, and the validity of the evidence has been recognized by more than one factual case of the court and the arbitration organization.

1、Internet Finance Industry

  • Platform: The corresponding contracts can be signed with the Investor, Borrower and the third party guarantee agency in the format of Fadada’s electronic contract, so as to stipulate the details of the responsibilities and rights, and the transfer of creditor’s rights.
  • Investor: When investing via the platform, the Investor can sign the investment agreement with the platform in the format of Fadada’s electronic contract, so as to entrust the platform to purchase wealth management products.
  • Borrower: When borrowing money from the platform, the Borrower can sign the loan agreement with the platform, and stipulate the loan interest rate, repayment term, repayment method, etc. via Fadada’s electronic contract.

2. B2B Industry

  •  B2B platforms can sign the settle-in agreement with the enterprises to settle in in the format of Fadada’s electronic contract, and the platform clients can also sign the purchase agreement in the format of Fadada’s electronic contract. When in trading, the enterprises in the upstream and downstream supply chains can also sign the block trading contract in the format of Fadada’s electronic contract.

3. Automobile Industry

  •  The automobile service providers, agents and contractors can sign various agreements and files with the consumers in relevant areas, e.g. automobile trading, automobile finance, agency and franchising, automobile insurance, etc.

4. Human Resource Industry

  • Third Party Human Resource Service Platform: Relevant labor and personnel contracts can be signed between the employees of enterprises (users at the client end) and the HR platforms, and between the HR platforms and the enterprises to settle it (enterprises at the business end) and the employees online via the Fadada platform.
  • Employment: Have access to the human resource system of the enterprises, and relevant information forms, labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, renewal contracts, etc. of the employees can be signed online in the electronic way.

5. Leasing Industry

  • The Lessee, the lessor and the platform can sign the lease contracts, entrustment agreements and other files via the Fadada platform.

6. Logistics (Vehicle-free Transportation) Industry

  • Logistics Companies: They can sign the cooperation agreements with the transportation companies and warehousing & storage companies in the format of Fadada’s electronic contract, so as to stipulate the contract breach liabilities, prepare the compensation standards, etc.

Where There Is A Transaction, There Is Fadada’s Electronic Contract