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CloudAtlas is a one-stop cloud migration product suite that helps get customers to the cloud quickly, securely,cost-effectively and in compliance. CloudAtlas provide insight into your legacy systems and provide you with a cloud strategy to migrate your selected applications to the cloud with agility.

CloudAtlas®  Product Introduction

Discovery and Evaluation
Target and Migration

Monitoring and Optimization

Assess on-premise IT environment to develop cloud migration strategy, including detailed cost savings.
Static-code scan of an application and its related databases for migration to Containers, VMs and PaaS
Monitor Azure subscriptions for cost, security, and regulatory compliance
Knolwedgebase of Azure best practices and authoring tool for security and GRC controls and budgets.

CloudAtlas® Product Functions


Assess on-premise infrastrucuture – Draw insights from discovery data or from results of conducting initial discovery scan, reate an inventory of applications and workloads that are candidates for the Cloud by assessing your existing IT infrastructure – server,application, security landscape, basics of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Develop a customized Cloud strategy – With detailed recommendations for migrating applications to the Cloud, to identify and list key assets such as servers, applications, physical & virtual servers, CPU, & more).


Perform static code analysis – Provide a deep and detailed analysis of applications and their readiness to migrate to a Cloud environment, determine the specific services required (e.g., Compute, Storage, Network), and validate at the code level what refactoring is necessary, remediation, and then test against PaaS standards you develop.

Migrate your apps to the cloud – When decommissioning old applications and using SaaS apps; moving VMs or data storage to IaaS; or modernizing critical line of business applications to run on PaaS, we augment and ensure you migrate the correct applications cost effectively, securely, and compliantly.


Up-to-date monitor – Using a baseline of enterprise standards for Cloud IT controls and best practices, we monitor and report on app compliance as PaaS environments evolve, apps are changing, and enterprise standards are updated.

Continuously monitor your applications and subscriptions – Monitors the configuration settings of underlying Cloud Services of applications in Azure to ensure your applications remain in compliance, sized properly, remediated promptly and cost-effectively.


Cloud services settings repository and Cloud knowledge base – Define their standards for Cloud-based applications through policies and Cloud service security-related settings, can import settings from a Cloud provider and easily integrate that into the development environment.

CloudAtlas® Product advantages

Visibility : Insights into environment to inform business decisions;

Cloud Costing & ROI :Develop a business case that takes into account your business scenarios, risks, costs, and benefits. Much faster and more cost-effective than doing a manual assessment;

Right Sizing :Forecast sunsetting software, plan for new purchase, assets capacity planing); Infrastructure Optimization (check your infrastructure and optimize;

Continuous Compliance : Being complaint with license agreements;

Cybersecurity and Control : Understand user to device access. Generates security recommendations & incorporates policies to maintain compliance. 

Cloud Migration Cost Estimates : In a matter of minutes, CloudPilot® estimates the level of effort for each app to move to the Cloud;

Trimmed Expenses : Using best coding practices which will reduce time & expenses;

Simple App Data Collection : Gather relevant details of your on-premises applications and pull them into an encrypted format for analysis.

Migration Made Easy : Offer additional profitable services by automating, accelerating, and simplifying migration to Azure;

Error Free Migration : Standardize the migration process using automated tools. Deliver consistent, secure, and error-free migrations. 

Costing Recommendations : Provide recommendations on how to utilize the cost effectively by giving recommendations as per Azure standards;

Security Alerts : Track issues based on the severity of the issues and provide recommendations to resolve the security issues so that the subscription services are secure & safe;

Compliance Management : Get the compatibility of service settings as per different rules set by Microsoft & other regulators to view the compliance of the resources as per international standards;

Controls and Notifications : Services as per DevOps & Azure security center if not as per the Azure standard then notifications to the users in high/low levels. 


Baseline Management : Define their standards for Cloud-based applications through policies and Cloud service security-related settings;

Configuration Search : Quickly focus on the baseline controls and settings they need to use as they deploy and manage their applications in a Cloud environment;

Role-based Access Control : Given the importance of CloudOrigin® as both a developer and risk management tool, Role-based access control is assigned to appropriate personnel only;

Change Log Management : The ability to track via audit trail who made what changes to the knowledge base;

Export / Import (optional) : Import settings from a Cloud provider and easily integrate that into the development environment;

SME Updates (optional) : Professionals responsible for defining and maintaining Cloud service settings can easily update CloudOrigin® to reflect the latest regulatory requirement.

Scenario 1: Want to move to the Cloud, but don’t know how or what to migrate, how much it can save, and what it will cost

Creates a detailed plan and cost analysis for migration of Data Centers to Azure via ‘Lift and Shift’ to VMs and Containers.

Collect the infrastructure details from the data center environment -> collect the performance utilization data of these servers. Also collecting the dependency of the servers and application -> analyze which server will go in Azure and on what configuration level of VM. How many servers, we require on Azure to move the data center -> provide the report that what you can pick with what configuration on Azure to move your datacenter.


Scenario 2: In the cloud using VMs on IaaS and want to modernize my applications for PaaS / Containers

We use CloudPilot’s static code analysis to quickly assess the app to migrate & modernize Containers, VMs and PaaS, with detailed analysis of cost and effort to migrate. Our tool scans the application source code and uses configuration data to provide a detailed report of code-level changes to modernise your applications for the cloud. For applications that have already been remitted and are considered Cloud-ready, it scans the Cloud-enabled applications to ensure that they follow best practices and meet enterprise IT Controls and Cybersecurity policies.

Scenario 3: Moved some workloads to Azure, but just got this huge bill. They need help to deal with what they are running in Azure.

In two weeks, optimize and control Azure resources for cost budgets, security standards and regulatory baselines (e.g. GDPR, ISO, NIST, PCI). We assess your subscription and share costing recommendation to make 10-70% cost savings from your Azure cloud spend in few days, with no upfront commitments. We will help you to configure your services to manage compliance by checking different rules given by Azure or compliance rules.


Scenario 4: Committed to Azure and have saved money, but not taking advantage of the real strategic value of the Cloud with PaaS

Our Managed service to ensures you stay in control of all your Azure resources for Cost, Security and Governance & Regulatory Compliance (e.g. GDPR, PCI, ISO). Save 20% on costs, guaranteed!

We ensure that security and compliance maintenance goals are with respect to business and migration requirements for cloud-enabled services. Ensuring the compliance with high standards of certifications, accreditations, and continuous auditing will make the virtual environment, secured and grounded.

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