Professional consultant for compliance pain points

China Regulation

To achieve overall compliance, 21Vianet work along both lines:

  • First, expert team of 21Vianet works with engineering and operations teams and external supervision organization, to track existing standards and regulations.
  • Second, because of the continuous development and changes in regulations and standards, our compliance experts are also follow and anticipate the upcoming changes to ensure continued compliance - Research draft regulations and assess potential new requirements.

Data Security

  • Data does not emigrate, tally with the relevant policy requirements
  • Remote data backup and disaster recovery
  • Customer information security and privacy protection


  • 21Vianet Blue Cloud obey the requirements of international and industry-specific compliance standard ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001, provide high quality IT service to meet the requirement from customer and improve efficiency and utility of IT with processes, personnel and technology three aspects, make operational objectives, business requirement and IT service coordinated.
  • Meanwhile, Blue Cloud strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, through the information security protection classification standard authorized by the Ministry of Public Security and make Level 3 filing and annual verification for Microsoft Azure and Office 365 operated by 21Vianet to Level 3 filing and annual verification.
  • Microsoft Azure and Office 365 operated by 21Vianet through a trusted cloud service certification (TCS) (9 certification include: cloud hosting, cloud storage, database, cloud engine, network load balancing, enterprise email, file sharing, online conferencing, cloud backup;).