Safein Security Strategy Management System (TCM), with its inbuilt ticket system, provides solutions for the configuration change process. It supports both domestic and international mainstream network security devices and is able to conduct policy analysis, performance monitoring, strategy optimization, security reinforcement, configuration change and topological display on routers, switches as well as firewall equipment.

Products Feature

Adopts simulation verification technology to effectively reduce risks caused by a change.

Provides full-process automation tools to effectively curb administrative costs.

Supports unified strategy management for multiple vendors and cross-brand debugging.

Provides second-level response to changes and 100 percent full roll back.

Provides well-resourced rule bank and knowledge base to strongly support management.

Has the ability to record and trace management changes based on ISO20000/ITSS ticket system.

Products Functions

Equipment Detection

Auto-discover network equipment in normal operation according to SNMP community strings and specified network information.

Detectable Brands

Support Cisco series, Huawei series and H3C full network equipment system, and will fit domestic and more mainstream networks and safety equipment in the future

Detection Result

Issue statistical, detailed and/or asset reports on information statistics and test result analysis.

Safety Functions

Identify and tackle failures, user login timeout lock or logout, supporting encrypted data storage under des and safe data transmission under https

Equipment Configuration Analysis

Conduct in-depth and comprehensive examinations to network and configuration files of security devices, including user account, configurations of security protection, password, advanced management, routing, switching and log according to a massive amount of safety codes and standards, and data in the processing engine.

Uer Benefits

To regularly tease out and manage invalid, redundant and conflict strategies and improve the network performance

To safely transfer cross-brand rules during equipment upgrade

To narrow attack surface and alleviate network threats

To effectively implement security management strategy for enterprises and organizations

To improve business continuity by minimizing network and application downtime

To reduce input and costs of compliance audit, operation and maintenance personnel

To enjoy tools that enable quick response to security incidents

To use auxiliary tools for troubleshooting

To overlay traffic topologically, with transparent and visual safety state of the entire network



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