Moving workloads from on-premises to Cloud is a starting point to long-term IT evolution. Hybrid Cloud is an inevitable reality for enterprises. SaaSaMe Transport is designed to set enterprises free in the mainstream hybrid cloud setup in the near future.

SaaSaMe Transport, a workload mover software solution, supports P2C (Physical-to-Cloud), V2C (Virtual-to-Cloud), and C2C (Cloud-to-Cloud). It features automated conversion between heterogeneous platforms, one-click user experience through cloud API integration, and minimal RTO/RPO – which is the key requirement for enterprises’ disaster recovery or migration projects.

Product Features

Minimal RTO & RPO

Disaster Recovery (DR) and migration modes

Seamless integration with target Cloud

Agentless for VMware workloads

Physical and other hypervisors

Light Deployment, Easy Use


Windows VSS application-aware

Fast heterogeneous conversion


Hybrid Cloud is a reality for modern enterprises. With SaaSaMe Transport, enterprises are empowered to freely allocate as needed.


Though SaaSaMe Transport’s self-service portal and friendly software deployment, enterprises’ in-house IT can easily achieve DR and migration goals.


While using SaaSaMe Transport, operations remain uninterrupted with negligible performance impact and minimal downtime.


SaaSaMe Transport supports on-line and offline, OS-level and hypervisor-level workload movements. It can be delivered as an infrastructure feature, software tool, or Software-as-a-Service.


SaaSaMe Transport has tightly integrated with Cloud API – AWS, OpenStack, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud, to achieve fully automated process and minimize human inputs.


Having enterprises move more workload volume to the Cloud is key for every cloud service provider. SaaSaMe Transport is designed to efficiently move workload of all volume sizes.

Microsoft Azure



Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Alibaba Cloud, international and China domestic

Central Management, Friendly Usage

Quick set up, intuitive steps, fully integrated cloud API for automatic operation

Minimal Resources, Maximum Protection

Uses minimal CPU and memory; negligible interference on business operations

Efficient Incremental Replication, Automatic Cloud Snapshot Synchronization

Supports both on-demand and pre-scheduled delta synchronizations; automatically creates cloud snapshots for full protection

Minimal Resources, Maximum Protection

Uses minimal CPU and memory; negligible interference on business operations

Multiple Recovery Points, Unlimited Tests and Practices

Maintains recovery points via snapshots for unlimited tests and practices on instance creation and DR scenarios

Customized Instance, Automatic Creation

Automatically creates instance based on chosen setup

Auto Report; Customized Service

Reports instance creation status; supports post scripts for further automation



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