BitTitan is the leading product of global cloud service data migration, and its framework is on Azure - the Microsoft public cloud that can reach up to 99.9% SLA stability guarantee and it is a mailbox migration service that can be flexibly and automatically operated as per demands. The central platform thereof possesses almost unlimitedly expanded server data and high specification parameters of entrance and exit bandwidth, and its patent technology supports the migration of hundreds of TB data within 48h.

BitTitan MigrationWiz is a kind of software with strong function. As the global biggest migration platform and the supreme data migration product in the market, MigrationWiz can be 70% faster than any other migration methods! More importantly, it can help enterprises save about a half of migration expenses! Up till present, it is the world’s first and the only migration solution that can meet HIPAA standard.

Product Functions

Migration mailbox

Public folder for migration

Storage library of migration documents

Configure Office 365

BitTitan MigrationWiz is the fastest way to implement the cross-platform mailbox migration

Incomparable speed

BitTitan MigrationWiz central platform possesses almost unlimitedly expanded server data bandwidth, and the migration efficiency is merely restricted to your source and target server speed as well as the entrance and export bandwidth.

Multiple migration operation options

MigrationWiz can provide multiple types of migration options, so as to ensure the independence and integrity of data from the source to the target:migration verification, pre-defined migration, and complete migration.

Ensure the persistence of business during the migration

BitTitan MigrationWiz will maintain keep the normal email working of users during the operation period of migration task, and will permit the access of email, data and shared document folders.

Friendly and humanized operation interface

Since the years when the developers need to manually operate and complete the data migration have gone forever, the execution of simple and automatic migration action can be “started” with several simple pre-set values.

IT service integration

Mailbox reintegration

Data migrated to the cloud or other places

Enterprise merger and acquisition, and architecture recombination



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