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Regulatory Compliance as A Service

Cloud service operations in China is unlike most parts of the world. All Enterprises need to follow a series of state laws and government regulations to legally provide cloud services before conducting business in this dynamic and growing market. For those unfamiliar with the matter entry into China can be daunting.

We closely monitor eight major types of laws that would impact the implementation of the majority of cloud-based businesses in China. Please access to our continuously updated Legal Page for the latest laws and regulations you don’t want to miss before launching your cloud-based business in China.

Partnering with 21Vianet Blue Cloud allows our clients to leverage our unique expertise in regulatory compliance. In addition, we help enterprises find the most cost, time, and labor efficient way to deploy their cloud-based business in China.

Why Blue Cloud

With a remarkable track record working in conjunction with industry leading cloud service providers in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and in close collaboration with enterprises from diverse traditional industries to enable their digital transformation. We have experience in handling obstacles and challenges faced by enterprises when it comes to deploying their cloud-based business in China.

Our holistic Regulatory Compliance as a Service aims to relieve you from heavy-duty regulatory compliance issues entirely and instead lets you focus on your business. From simple ICP filing questions to multiple mandatory license acquisitions, whatever the dilemma, we will have the answers for you.